My story

Sitting here in paradise, where the people’s motto is: “Pura Vida”.

I’m in the middle of a lush, rich jungle, that is filled with flowers, amazing plants and the most exotic beautiful animals one can imagine. 

With the constant harmonising music of the rainforest as a background, as I write these words to you. 

The beaches with wild, sunny, surf waves and coconut trees are a 10 minutes drive from my house over great 4×4 roads.


I’m living free from restrictions, healthy, happily.

My children are free learners, we’ve got many friends that are mind-like. 

We meet at the beach, playground or eco markets were one can find the most exquisite fresh local foods and fruits in all colours and shapes. 

I decide where, with whom and when I want to work, and when I do so I am in complete alignment with my heart/ soul mission, because I support the positive transformation of mankind on this planet. 

But it was NOT always like this! 

I come from a family were the believe is that one has to work hard to earn  little money, and where they see negative aspects of life first. 

Having made these programs to my own, my credo became: “even if I might not be good at it, at least I can work hard to learn it.” 

I was working 6 and sometimes 7 days a week for a boss, which I permitted to have so much power over me… 

Sunday evening I was already feeling bad, because the next morning I had to go to work. 

Every day of the working week I would get up filled with adrenaline, but tiered, worrying how I would make it through the day. Counting the hours and days to pass… but I was successful in my job and in society! 

Working to pay for the car I drove to work with, and for the house I could almost only sleep in. Like I was programmed to do. 

But I could not function well in a structure where someone was telling me how and when I had to do things. I could not decide how many hours I worked, when and how long my holidays were. On top of it all, I had to pay 40% commission of my income to my boss, pay for my computer, the computer system, etc. and than over the rest… the income taxes, social security, VAT and over my savings wealth taxes because I worked hard!

I felt as in a system of enslavement. 

When I came home in the house I payed lots of rent for, I could only prepare something fast to eat (oven pizza, etc.), sit in front of the television or computer with email from my students and drink wine to get into a normal state of relaxation, to be able to sleep. 

Working on the health of people, getting them to heal themselves, felt so contradictory! 

I heard so many stories, some worse than mine (because they were abusing their system since longer): my patients had stress related pains, gut problems, hormonal disorders. All reflections of a sick society, where young kids until they are 6 years of age are downloading these ancient programs that make them enslaved, fearful, lacking and acting like zombies to be conform the rules of what is “normal” in society. 

Dopamine, serotonin and melatonin levels are clearly out of balance in many of them. 

The lack of dopamine brings us to the state were we don’t have the WILL to do something and to finish it. It is the hormone of joy, compassion and being able to build up and maintain relations. The hormone of thinking in a clear way!

So this modern society is full of ego-centric, fearful, people who live in a “lack” of time, money, love, thankfulness, etc., making themselves sick. 

So I got out… one of the most beautiful events that happened to me was that the car I’ve worked for years for to buy it, broke down after 6 months. 

So did many of the other “beautiful” chic things I had. 

This made me feel and realise that materialism is an illusion, all be it a persistent one. 

The most important and most precious thing became my lifetime. I started to pay attention with whom and how a spent it. 

Since I have spent all my youth working hard becoming something. 

It became even more clear to me that many of our dis-eases find their origin in our programming and mental, spiritual programming. 

So I started working on the core of the problems. 

Re-writing your future, habits and emotions is not a long and painful process, it’s transforming your timeline and living your new life instantly! 

That is how I let my consciousness grow: 

I quit my job and moved 3 weeks later to the South, where I knew I’d feel better because the life circumstances contained more sunlight, fresh air, nature, free time, liberty of work and nature. 

I choose to feel good! And I did, and still do.  

Now I see it as a soul mission to assist other people in getting to the state of mind where they can unfold themselves in freedom, to get out of the matrix of enslavement. 

Everybody can liberate the power to reorganise their point of attention. 

As soon as you start working on ONE subject in your life: like money (moneyfestation) and you alter the frequency you’re in… a whole set of events will “occur” that will allow you to transform other emotional field in your manifestation! 

I will guide you with my knowledge, my heart and my soul to de-program you.

I will take you on a profound voyage throughout your thought structures, habits and paradigms.

This transformational solution is not about letting go your past, it’s instantly living out your new life! 

So you can flourish in your new successful self. 

If you want to make your dreams about the future your present fact, I will support you in taking back power over your time-line.

As soon as I give you your tools that allow you to open up your state of awareness, you’re ready to receive what has been in your field, but could not materialise because of your mental blocks, caused by your programming.

So it becomes like a magic waterfall of universal “coincidences” but they are orchestrated by your higher self! 

Living out the poetry of attraction is the only easy thing left for you to do in your new mastery of joy and abundance! 


I’m working as a creational & buisiness coach.

I support people in 

CREATING THEIR REALITY on the highest frequency.

As a result of that they can THRIVE,

FREE of ancesteral PROGRAMMING,

living out their SOUL MISSION 

so they can work where and how they want to, with their own successfull business

and fill their personal life with ABUNDANCE, since we’ll dive into your actual creation in matter.

There are so many people waiting to CONTRIBUTE to the 


by sharing THEIR EXPERIENCES on health, alternative lifestyle and family topics.

Who do you know that wants to 



KATRIN BUCHERBachelor of Health
I enjoy connecting my knowledge as a health practitioner to my daily adventure as a mother and wife, on the search to figure out the optimal way to readapt to a most natural modern lifestyle underlined by scientific evidence.
Since over 15 years I am researching on how to maintain health and wellbeing, for example by looking for species-appropriate food. I’m working on necessary mind-set and lifestyle changes to improve the present situation, in order to give better support to my patients.
GREGORI TREUD.O.- B.Sc.Ost.Med., Osteopath
In my work as an osteopath I always look for the cause of dysfunctions in the body.
In over a decade of academic and clinical teaching I helped to educate hundreds of osteopaths throughout Europe. The cause of DIS-EASE is interelated to the mind programming and mental processes that stop us from thriving. Time has come to open up my knowledge and experience to everyone via my online projects.

Our jobs and our own life; with the pregnancy and natural birth of our two kids, the family life and education, led us to the search of bio- and social-‘hacks’ on a daily basis.

These enriching experiences offer us an enormous pool of topics to pick from and to share our insight with the rest of humanity. So we can help to scatter consciousness upon this beautiful planet. 

When we vibrate, ALL the electrons in the universe resonate with us.
Everything is connected.
The greatest illusion of mankind is the one of separateness.”

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