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What is the importance of a species- and earth appropriate Lifestyle?

In the past decades, our LIVING ENVIRONMENT has changed drastically, much more than in the hundreds of thousands of years before.

An excessive amount of convenience thanks to technical devices, artificial light and plastic in everyday life has uprooted us from nature!


Our mission

On GregoriTreu.com we downscale complex scientific information so that everyone can understand what life really is about.
Our passion is it to bring insight to people by talking about the true fundamentals of biology like: light, water and electro magnetic fields.
Everyone should regain control of their proper body and mind, in order to be independent in health and wellbeing.
To us a conscious lifestyle is the logic consequence of open minded critical thinking; so by questioning our own behaviour and our thoughts in daily life.
We want to share our vision on bio- and social-‘hacks’ for you to live life the way you want it to be; in happiness and completeness. 

About us

KATRIN BUCHERBachelor of Health/Physiotherapy
I enjoy connecting my knowledge as a health practitioner to my daily adventure as a mother and wife, on the search to figure out the optimal way to readapt to a most natural modern lifestyle underlined by scientific evidence.
Since over 15 years I am researching on how to maintain health and wellbeing, for example by looking for species-appropriate food. I’m working on necessary mind-set and lifestyle changes to improve the present situation, in order to give better support to my patients.
GREGORI TREUD.O.- B.Sc.Ost.Med., Osteopath
In my work as an osteopath I always look for the cause of dysfunctions in the body.
There is alway a reason mechanically, neurologically, hormonally, mentally, etc. why homeostasis, the balance in the body, gets lost.
In over a decade of academic and clinical teaching I helped to educate hundreds of osteopaths throughout Europe. Time has come to open up my knowledge and experience to everyone via my online projects.

Our jobs and our own life; with the pregnancy and natural birth of our two kids, the family life and education, led us to the search of bio- and social-‘hacks’ on a daily basis.

These enriching experiences offer us an enormous pool of topics to pick from and to share our insight with the rest of humanity. So we can help to scatter consciousness upon this beautiful planet. 

Biology is about light, water and electromagnetic fields

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